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Research  Interests/themes

At Ram's Lab, we pioneer  the development of next-generation health technologies by integrating biomaterials, biology, and medicine. Our themes are

Biomaterials for Cancer Therapy

"Cancer Innovation: Pioneering Biomaterials for Therapy"

Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine

"Healing Tomorrow: Advances in Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine"

Piezoelectric Biomaterials and Self-Powered Implantable Devices

"Empowering Implants: The Future with Piezoelectric Biomaterials"


"Defeating Glioblastoma: Cutting-Edge Biomaterial Solutions"

Want to learn more? Please scroll through the website or contact us directly!

Research Projects

Royal Society Research Grants 2023 - RG\R2\232136

Project Title: ‘Brain Penetrating Nanoparticle for Targeted Cancer Cell Hyperthermia for Glioblastoma Treatment’ Jan 2024- Jul 2025,

EPSRC Early Career Researcher international collaboration grants- EP/Y00289X/1

Project Title: ‘‘GlioPrevent: PiezoMagnetic Nanoparticles to Prevent Glioma Invasion in Human Brain Organoids’ March 2024- Feb 2026,

Horizon 2020: Marie Curie Individual Fellowship- Grant agreement ID: 898170

Project Title: ‘Noninvasive Modulation of the Blood Brain Barrier using PiezoMagnetic Carbon Nanoneedles: PiezoMagBBB’, September 2020- September 2022

National Research Foundation of Korea: Young Investigator Award- Project number: NRF 2016R1D1A1B03934124

Project Title: Development of a Blood Flow Driven Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for in vivo Powered Smart Stent, December 2016- May 2019, 150,000US$

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